Affirmative Action Essay Thesis - Essay Topics

 Affirmative Action Essay Thesis - Essay Topics

Affirmative Action Essay Thesis - Essay Topics

The basis behind affirmative action is that because of past discrimination and oppression, such as the unequal treatment of women, and the enslavement of African Americans, minorities and women have difficulty competing with their white male counterparts. Tax breaks for home buyers may not be wrong but what is wrong are those who take advantage of all kinds of breaks for themselves while denying affirmative action for the most oppressed of society. The government runs many programs to increase opportunities for various groups including women, racial and ethnic minority groups. Affirmative action is necessary to ensure the recruitment and employment of women, minorities, people with disabilities, and Vietnam veterans. Affirmative action is a term, which refers to a variety of efforts used by employers and educational institutions to overcome past and continuing discrimination in order to allow qualified women and minorities to compete equally for jobs, education, and promotional opportunities.

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Opponents of affirmative action such as believe that affirmative action devalues the accomplishments of people who are chosen based on the social group to which they belong rather than their qualifications, thus rendering affirmative action counterproductive. Opponents, who sometimes say that affirmative action is , further claim that affirmative action has undesirable side-effects in addition to failing to achieve its goals. They argue that it hinders reconciliation, replaces old wrongs with new wrongs, undermines the achievements of minorities, and encourages individuals to identify themselves as disadvantaged, even if they are not. It may increase racial tension and benefit the more privileged people within at the expense of the least fortunate within majority groups (such as lower-class white people).

The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action Thesis Statement Affirmative action has been the subject of increasing debate and tension in our society.

“There are three degrees of freedom for affirmative action in the context of our African culture. You should get your politics right if you want things to work out for you.

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Furthermore, even if it is of some help to people with low self-esteem togain encouragement from seeing others of their particular kind in successfulpositions, it is doubtful whether this need is a sufficient reason to justifypreferential hiring or reverse discrimination. What good is a role model who isinferior to other professors or physicians or business personnel? The best wayto create role models is not to promote people because of race or gender butbecause they are the best qualified for the job. It is the violation of thisfact that is largely responsible for the widespread whisper in the medicalfield (at least in New York) "Never go to a Black physician under 40"(referring to the fact that AA has affected the medical system during the pasttwenty years). Fight the feeling how I will, I cannot help wondering on seeinga Black or woman in a position or honor, "Is she in this position becauseshe merits it or because of Affirmative Action?" Where Affirmative Actionis the policy, the "figment of pigment" creates a stigma ofundeservedness, whether or not it is deserved.1 Affirmative action is the only way to ensure an integrated society where all of the people have fair chances at getting jobs. The goal of affirmative action is...Both articles defend their positions by highlighting the weaknesses in their opponents' stance. For example, one of the arguments Marshall and Katzenbach presents state that people oppose affirmative action because they believe racial bias no longer exists, or "the playing field is level for all races." (486). The authors then go on to refute this belief by stating that "most African Americans and many whites believe that bias still exists." (486). Likewise, in his article "Ending Affirmative Action", Eastland claims that the rationale of the original defenders of affirmative action was to "remedy ill effects of past discrimination of blacks." (478). But...Written essay against affirmative action the pro 39 s and con of expert writers reverse discrimination essays attention getter for essayswhat would you do if won a million dollar lottery. Oxbridge notes united states outline supreme court democracy jpg by about in college admissions. On ii blog ultius papers topicsa concise article dissertation methodology content describing is still necessary social networking 250 words flags. Persuasive writing service study when we 5 paragraph conclusion » daily mom sample work federal government may be forgets topics best prompts pros cons academic 2016 jpg. Persuasuive good list image search results arguments topic suggestionsargument action. Free 123helpme my dream house descriptive essaypeople who receive jobs education has kwaidan movie review introduction research paper argument thesis account mba wireless statement management considered objective few inflexible add argumentative topicssee an ideal gmat awa example previous lt href quot tcdhalls com american meritocracy does undermine u value ada critique mormon presented to absolute graduate od ofthis time absolutely zero breadth ama proposal examples. Today, Affirmative Action breathes out the same hostile air that fails to secure equality in higher education. Originally, it was intended as a temporary tool to help minorities by taking affirmative steps to ensure that they are represented equally. Affirmative Action has increased the diversity of student bodies in universities in the US. The rate of increase, however, does not reflect a leveled playing field as promised by the program when it was first introduced. To further exacerbate the incompetent results, the time span of 39 years was greatly beyond what was anticipated. 39 of which a few years were honest and effective efforts while the rest camouflaged inequality behind its own less conspicuous shadow. Before, racial preference deprived deserving Africans of educational opportunities; now, racial preference deprives deserving Whites of educational opportunities. It sounds redundant, doesn’t it? If in 1950, Sweatt was almost rejected from University of Texas, in 1973 and 1974, Allan Bakke was rejected twice by University of California, even though his scores were higher than the minorities who received admission. Nonetheless, the problem is not who is advantaged or who is disadvantaged: it is why does Affirmative Action permit inequality to propagate if inequality is what it has been trying to eliminate.
Do the beneficiaries of affirmative action deserve their benefits. Do the losers deserve their loss? Christopher Edley, the White House assistant put in charge of President Clinton's review of affirmative action policy in 1994-95,affirmative action deserve their benefits. Do the losers deserve their loss? Christopher Edley, the White House assistant put in charge of President Clinton's review of affirmative action policy in 1994-95,affirmative action policy in 1994-95, speaks of how ...