Peace is the antithesis of evil.

Thanks to this graph, we can see the interest antithesis has and the evolution of its popularity.

Such arbitrary government action is the antithesis of such values.

The authority of parents goes unchallenged in the early stages of a child's life. This complete obedience is our 'thesis'. As the child develops through adolescence, we typically see a phase of rebellion as the child develops into an adult. It must assert its own character and it does this through rebelling against authority. Rebellion is our 'antithesis'. As the teenager matures into an adult, its attitude towards authority in general, and its parents in particular, moderates - in achieving independence it no longer needs to rebel. Independence is our 'synthesis'.

Finally, Social Security and Medicare are the antithesis of food stamps and Medicaid.

It was the future Napoleon who was presaged in the antithesis.

I know that for many black folks, my demand is a kind of betrayal. But I see it as a kind of faith in the right of black people to experience all that American democracy has to offer. In many ways, I think Obama would be OK with this criticism. In Michael Eric Dyson’s book, , Obama told him that while he knows there are some black folks “who identify with me even if they disagree with my policies … my hope would be that when you wash out those aspects of it, that people are judging me on what I do as opposed to who I am.” As proud as I am of Obama and his family, I will not equivocate in saying that he could have said more, pushed for more, and insisted on more, for those who have been his most loyal champions. As he prepares to cede the White House to his antithesis, I hope it is clear to him that the thing Audre Lorde said is true: “Your silence will not protect you.” His attempts to not be too black did not keep a significant portion of the American electorate from seeing him as too black anyway.

Laura Hillenbrand is the antithesis of the popular concept of a world-famous, bestselling author.

An antithesis is a figure of speech involving a seeming contradiction of ideas, words, , or within a balanced grammatical structure. This combination of opposite ideas and balanced structure highlights the contrast. Some examples of antithesis include:

antithesis of the desire to control that person's life

Brinda Roy 1999, Antithesis: Insights and Outposts, vol. 10, no.1, pp. 65-83. Ways of Looking: The Eye/I in Colonial Spy Fiction The figure of the disguised, perpetually wandering colonial agent in turn-of-the-century British spy narratives is a particularly troubling one. At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, when the… Sarah Squire 1998, Antithesis Journal: Everyday Evasions: Cultural Practices & Policies, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 25-36. Consider the charms of the simultaneous For and Against, the Perhaps, the protracted reservation of the decision which permits a foretaste of the enjoyment of both its aspects together, aspects which in their realization are mutually exclusive. All… David Haworth, 2013, Antithesis: Live, vol. 23, no.1, pp.96-104. I am leafing through a book of anatomical drawings of plants and animals, cell structures and microscopic organisms. There are spiked spirals of bone, masses of twisting, labyrinthine tentacles, unfurled unfolding’s of petals. Edges of things are rimmed with minute silken filaments, there are arms of… Laura Deane 2005, Antithesis Journal: Excess, vol.15 no.1, pp. 74-90. Many women, not matter what their particular case structure is: depressive, hysteric, or obsessional – complain that they experience language as something cold, foreign to their lives. To their passion. To their suffering. To their desire. As if language were a foreign body. And when they say this… Michael Farrell 2007, Antithesis Journal: Déjà Vu, vol.17 no.1, pp.144-148. I wasn’t born with television – but from the age of four I grew up with the ABC: Catweazle, Doctor Who, Mr Squiggle, and Sesame Street were (part of) my culture. Repeats are a common version of experiencing the past in the present, but more… This is another installment of “ANTITHESIS” — your outlet for speaking out against anything Zine, Western or MIT.
This edition is in response to the proposed $35,000 scholarship from American banking firm, Goldman Sachs.
Antithesis is pleased to welcome a new blog contributor: Edward Tanoto. Edward Tanoto is an Indonesian, full-time student at The University of Melbourne studying for his Bachelor of Commerce degree. He is also a freelance writer and blogs’ guest writers. Before Australia, he was a debate coach and an English teacher in Indonesia. Currently, he is an active participant for Feeding Australia, a… Antithesis is the rhetorical contrast of ideals by means of parallel arrangements of words, clauses or sentences. Synthesis is the composition or combination of parts or elements so as to form a whole. Let’s see if we can give an example of this process. Thesis: Its time for breakfast. Antithesis: There is no food in the house. Synthesis: Let’s purchase some biscuits, syrup and ham. Sounds like the process is complete? Not so fast. The synthesis has become the thesis. The thesis now is that its time for breakfast because food is in the house. Up pops another antithesis; biscuits, syrup and ham are not breakfast foods. Eggs, bacon and toasts are for breakfast. The synthesis is let’s buy some eggs, bacon, toast. The synthesis again becomes the thesis. The new thesis; eggs, bacon and toast are in the house therefore let’s have breakfast. Another antithesis; eggs are too high in cholesterol. On and on we could go but I feel a picture has been painted. We are constantly going through these processes trying to fine proper solutions. When I was in elementary school (I’m now looking toward threescore and ten), you had to know your time tables up to twelve. No calculators were allowed in the classroom. Later calculators became a must in the class room. Now it seems computers are a must. All behind a thesis, antithesis and a synthesis. Our governing bodies are daily going through this process; making laws (thesis), interpreting laws (antithesis) and coming up with new laws (synthesis).There was first the thesis. Then there is the antithesis. That resulted in the synthesis. Allow me first to consult Webster with definitions for your understanding. Thesis is a position or proposition that a person advances and offers to maintain an argument.You cannot sit at home during PTO meeting and expect decisions made to be in your favor. It is your child that being affected by the decision. If you see a change that need to be addressed, be present. The law makers are human beings like you who make laws for you. Guess how they got in office? By your vote or by your none vote. Are you a registered voter? Did you exercise your right to vote? This is 2010, another census year. You can find ways to hide yourself or make your self known. In case you don’t know certain distributions to the state and local governing bodies are determined by the count taken at census times. It only happens every ten years. You can hide yourself and miss out or you can make your self known and gain. Acting positively to the three afore mentioned situation can have a good and great affect upon you. Even some of the adverse laws that now affect you can be changed to just and equitable laws. Just remember thesis, antithesis, synthesis, a never ending process. We have to keep working to keep it right.