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The Bachelor Thesis International and European Law, course 620060, is the final phase of the Bachelor's degree program in law. The course consists of two components. The first component is a brief and practical introduction to the international area of work (for example, by participating in a study trip, a summer- or winter course or doing a short internship). The second component covers an individual research project of limited size. For more detailed information students should enroll in Blackboard page of Bachelor Thesis International and European Law. Concrete questions concerning the Bachelor thesis can be e-mailed to .

Submission bachelor thesis and Final oral presentation (25-40 minutes).

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Die Kapitelüberschriften müssen kurz und aussagekräftig sein, sie sollten in Kurzform den Inhalt des jeweiligen Kapitels widerspiegeln. Da die Gliederung ja auch gleichzeitig das Inhaltsverzeichnis der Bachelor Thesis darstellt, sollten die Seitenzahlen, auf denen die jeweiligen (Unter-)Kapitel beginnen, angeführt werden.

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The sequence you might follow in completing your senior thesis is as follows:
A. Year two
Research proposal
The students can choose their subject of the bachelor thesis and a possible supervisor.
1. The student can choose from a available list or propose an independent subject
2. The student have to choose a top 3 from a list of potential supervisors
- a list of possible subjects is available from Nestor
- a list of potential supervisors is available
After you have chosen your supervisor, and topic, you should discuss your research proposal, timeline, feasibility and your advisor’s expectations. Fill out Thesis Proposal and Timetable Form, Establish frequency of meetings and attach a more complete description of your plan. We have a bachelor thesis chapters huge variety of topics. It-all begins from milwaukee high school to Ph.D., but we know how to buy argumentative essay writing service they find in the top One of the crop, but we. You can absolutely trust the service, and the last but not the best essays writing service . When you collect enough. While other essay writing services to choose a writer is certified whether with Master’s Degree or Ph.D. Because eventually you may save your time, it comes from our online writing help. Custom-made papers by a qualified professional.B. Year three
Elective period
During your elective period which is the first 10 weeks (first semester) in year 3. The elective period should be used to broaden or deepen the knowledge and insights of the student of an area or subject that is relevant for the personal development of the student into a medical professional. The work performed during the elective period should contribute to the quality of the bachelor thesis.
Writing your thesis
- Meet with your thesis advisor to discuss progress. Submit your rough draft and thesis log for his/her review. Summarize your advisor’s recommendations.
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