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Capstone Thesis film made by Steven Yue featuring Ned Wang, Rain Duan and Tony Liu

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My honors capstone thesis project is a documentary that looks into how the media stereotypes men and women who have been incarcerated and points out a program, the Inside-Out Program, that is working to combat these stereotypes.

This is the senior capstone thesis film by BFA in Animation student, Madison Surdej.

Capstone Thesis; Capstone Thesis

The Senior Capstone in Chemistry and Biochemistry is required for the Bachelor of Science degree and is designed to provide the student with laboratory research experience. Participation in research helps in choosing careers, develops mentoring relationships with faculty and other members of research groups, and is the best way to learn science. Students in the Honors College can use the senior capstone thesis toward both the Chemistry and Biochemistry degree and for the required Honors Thesis. A minimum of two semesters of laboratory work (including a minimum of 6 units total of CHEM/BIOC 498(h) credit is required, which begins during a student’s penultimate semester. It is usually comprised of focused research work, followed by a semester of writing a thesis. Students who choose not to complete the Senior Capstone in Biochemistry can still obtain a degree in Biochemistry, however they must switch to a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry (talk to your Biochemistry academic advisor).

This is the senior capstone thesis film by BFA in Animation student, Thomas Lembke.

1. The Capstone Thesis Proposal. These five items will be submitted together as a basis for planning your paper and for the approval of your project. b. Controlling the range of information to be gathered and the range of analysis to be applied will help in giving focus and direction to your paper and help you to avoid a meandering and endless exploration without a point. There are approaches you can use to define scope in your writing, and these will be reviewed in the Seminar . d. You must write a brief paragraph justifying the selection of your thesis as relevant to the Global Studies Program. There is a very wide range of subject matter which can fit under the Global Studies rubric, but your topic must retain a clear element of international and intercultural interest in the context of the purposes of the program. This step in the process will help you to relate your work to an appropriate global audience.

This is the senior capstone thesis film of BFA in Animation student, Christopher Erckert.

It is absolutely required that each student follow the set of steps prescribed above in developing the capstone paper. There are no shortcuts to excellent research-and-analysis writing. Solid and timely preparation yields the best final results with the least anxiety .The capstone thesis project is more a test of each student's self-discipline than it is of his or her factual knowledge or rhetorical brilliance. It is essential that each student maintain the pace set by the Seminar for completion of each task in the Proposal Plan. Dropping behind that pace in any respect might result in either a delayed submission of the paper or the submission of a paper of less than desirable quality .You will receive substantial support and assistance with theThe decision as to whether a capstone project or a thesis is appropriate often lends itself to the discipline represented. Regardless, the Honors Capstone or Thesis will:The Honors Capstone or Thesis represents a final work or project completed, typically, during the student's senior year. Honors Theses and Capstones are a hallmark component of an Honors education within Honors Programs and Colleges around the world. Final Video for an Interior Design Capstone Thesis. Opcao is a proposal for a rehabilitation and alternative education center for adolescents formerly involved in the drug trafficking trade in the Rocinha favela of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Having one of the worlds largest murder rates in 13-20 year olds, Opcao Alternative Center allows lower income individuals the opportunity for a higher education and job placements within their communities. When the thesis/capstone advisor and second reader sign the thesis or capstone project they are attesting that it is of sufficient quality and scope for the MA degree. Once the thesis/capstone advisor and the second reader approve the finished thesis, they sign the thesis approval form and submit it along with the thesis to the chair for his approval. The director must also sign to verify the student's good standing. The signatures of the chair and the director signal that the student has completed the thesis/capstone requirement.Taught as a series of 12 consecutive eight-week classes, the program requires about two hours of online class time and two hours of independent study per week. Winkler will teach the introductory class — Strategic Management of Global Sports Organizations — as well as the Capstone Thesis class that finishes the five-course curriculum specific to the program. An additional seven courses from the School of Professional and Extended Studies (such as Emerging Technology Trends and Analytical Business Writing) round out the 24-month degree.Since she saw talent in my writing and research, she helped me often to develop and improve my work. She allowed me to showcase my talent by inviting me to present my work at Lesley University Community Scholars Day in 2014, where I gave a presentation on my research. She also nominated my capstone thesis for an award. During the semester I was taking her class I had a medical emergency. Though I was not required to come to class due to my medical issues, I showed up to every class anyway. She told me and my advisor that she was very impressed that I showed up to every class though it was not required, and she saw how I was committed to learning. The Capstone Thesis is an exciting and challenging project offering an opportunity to research and explore your areas of interest by applying the core curriculum of the Master of Science Organizational and Professional Communication program. The thesis study is an experience of discovery. It leads you to explore and develop new ideas while learning about yourself and others through the process. The thesis is the last requirement to complete the Master’s program, but I would say - the most important. Here is your opportunity to concentrate on your specific interest of study and to perfect your skills in research, technical writing, interviewing and presentation. Every step of the way you are supported by an expert faculty advisor who offers continued guidance, evaluation and constructive feedback. Ultimately, the rewards of completing a thesis are both personal and professional. The Capstone Thesis is an enriched learning journey that afforded me new insight, knowledge and confidence. It is an invaluable experience that has transcended and advanced my career.
- Maureen Martinez
MS in Organizational & Professional Communication, 2008.