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Another one of the good Criminal Justice thesis topics involves the global stage of justice when it comes to patent violations. What may be allowable in one country is in violation in another and who has the right to bring criminal charges against whom? Patent law is swiftly leaving the realm of business law and moving into the criminal arena as the violations are becoming tied to criminal hacking and manufacturing.

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An exploration of how to decrease juvenile delinquency and recidivism is a time honored Criminal Justice thesis topic. It is a problem that is always current and viable with ample research to support and disprove each opinion on sentencing methodologies.

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The basis of a good research paper lies in its thesis statement. The thesis statement puts forth a statement concerning a topic that the paper then supports. Before you can come up with the thesis statement, you have to have a thesis topic. Good Criminal Justice thesis topics give you room to explore what would be best supported in a paper. You want the topic to provide definite arguments, but enough supportive research so that it is not an opinion paper. Below are 5 good Criminal Justice thesis topics to consider.

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