Death Of A Salesman Essay Thesis Writing

 Death Of A Salesman Themes Essays

Death Of A Salesman Essay Thesis Writing

Death of a salesman thesis statement? death salesman thesis statement Willy Loman, a character in the play, Death of a Salesman, is a man who desperately wants to be successful Your thesis could also be a bit stronger

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Death of a Salesman thesis statement

Themes in the play Death of a Salesman Throughout the play the Lomans, especially Willy, cannot distinguish between reality and illusion. This is the major underlying theme throughout the play and is also a source of conflict in the play. Willy cannot see who he and his sons are. He believes that they are great men who have what it takes to be successful and beat the business world. Unfortunately, he is mistaken. In reality, Willy and his sons are not, and cannot, be successful. We can see that this is true because Willy refuses to acknowledge that he is a fine carpenter and continues to persuade himself that he is a good salesman and so continues to live a life of lies, memories and dreams.

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