“We cannot even say they were defending their colony,” Dremeaux said.

 This presentation aims to prepare students to present and defend their thesis proposals.

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This is a time for bold thoughts and new arguments about the right direction to take U.S. national defense. President-elect Donald Trump is something of a tabula rasa when it comes to national defense. On the campaign trail, he said things that provided a very general idea of his views on the subject. He believes in peace through strength. But he also has a somewhat jaundiced view of how U.S. military forces have been employed over the past 16 years, doesn’t think most of our allies are doing enough to defend themselves and wants to explore the possibilities of collaboration with Russian President Putin on issues where our interests coincide, such as the fight against ISIS.

This presentation aims to prepare students to present and defend their thesis proposals.

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If you are in the process of researching or writing a thesis, you are probably aware that defending a thesis will be an integral component of completing the process. While you may be familiar with the phrase “defend your thesis,” this does not mean that you fully understand what this process will entail. Below you will find a brief summation of what a thesis is as well as what it means to successfully defend a thesis.

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Student Responsibilities Work 3 hours each week per research credit in Z 403 course. Maintain a notebook/journal/lab record to verify accomplishments, protocols, problems, questions, dates and number of hours worked and results Mid-way through the research, student will select committee members (the committee will include the mentor, and two others) to review the thesis. Selection of committee members is in consultation with and approved by the thesis mentor. Submit a final draft copy of the thesis to their thesis committee no later than ten business days prior to their scheduled thesis defense date Present their thesis in front of their thesis committee, discuss and defend their thesis by answering questions about their research and related topics such as theoretical background, rationale, results, experimental design and overall significance Revise, edit, print, and bind the thesis, and gather signatures for submission to the University Honors College and the OSU Scholar Archive no later than Friday of week 10 of their graduation term Student: Robin J. Cogitare, By signing, the student gives his/her assurance that he/she agrees to the Student Responsibilities outlined for the proposed project. Mentor Responsibilities Provide guidance on the development of, and direction of the research project. The project, including background reading and real-time research, should take about total hours (6 credits at 3-5 hours per credit). Explain and demonstrate how records should to be kept, including notebooks or data organization and storage. Identify the publishing or style guide to be used for the thesis: the ESA Style Guide Recommend a secondary person for the student to utilize in case of questions. Kelli K. Assist in preparing and reviewing: o project timeline o project reference materials o drafts of the written thesis Assist in selecting and approving fellow committee members Provide grades for research credits in terms student enrolls in Provide guidance as the student designs the poster and prepares for the thesis defense Facilitate the student s thesis defense Sten Bolt, Zoology By signing, the mentor gives his/her assurance that he/she agrees to the Mentor Responsibilities outlined for the proposed project.

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Visiting classmates, colleagues and members of your committee must be first in your plan. Ask about the business of defending a thesis. Some students are so organized and conscientious that they logged questions and responses of old examinations for the succeeding examinees to use. Take a preview, and try to comprehend the underlying scope and limitations. Further, it is likely that you will get a characteristic profile of your examining committee from older students. Use all these information to probe further: Visit your committee members. Thoughtful visitations, at the least, will help impress them of your seriousness. Most of the time, a good professor will not resist a curious, dedicated and thoughtful learner.In order to successfully defend a thesis, you need to be able to present your arguments effectively. To accomplish this objective, you should practice and attain feedback regarding your presentation strengths and weaknesses. In many cases, a learning institution will offer free workshops designed to help students enhance their presentation skills. These workshops can provide you with feedback on things such as the overuse of filler words like “um.”Individuals who write a graduate-level thesis will almost always be required to defend a thesis. While the requirements for this process will typically vary from institution to institution, defending the thesis generally incorporates presenting your main argument to an academic faculty and supporting your primary points with clear, convincing logic that lends credence to the fundamental concepts being advanced within the body of the work. For example, if an individual completes a thesis arguing that meat consumption is unethical, she or he might present arguments pertaining to the cruel abuse animals are subjected to in farms or factories to legitimate the claim.While there are several aspects of graduate-level learning that can facilitate personal growth and intellectual development, defending a thesis can be particularly effective in generating these outcomes. Now that you have a basic understanding of what defending a thesis involves and how to do it well, you can move forward with confidence in the completion of this academic project.When you defend your thesis, examiners will ask questions based on the information you present. To ensure that you perform well during this portion of the presentation, it is important that you try to . For example, if you are defending a thesis regarding why meat consumption is unethical, an examiner might ask you whether the presence of humane factory farms delegitimate your primary arguments. By anticipating the questions that examiners are likely to ask, you gain the opportunity to formulate clear, articulate responses that will strengthen your presentation.Universities have been awarding doctorates for centuries longer than the United States has been a sovereign nation, but graduate students have been writing dissertations and defending them for only the past 200 years or so. The practice evolved in the early 19th century in Germany, where so many of the customs and procedures that guide American graduate education first saw light. As William Clark recounts in his thoroughly informative Academic Charisma and the Origins of the Research University, dissertation defenses were originally conducted in Latin. These "disputations" were held in public and open to all interested parties, a custom that survives now in the form of posted announcements in advance of scheduled dissertation defenses.Defending your thesis may be different than you think.

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