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The doctoral thesis has a format that may vary depending on the university’s demands

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A doctoral thesis committee is to be formed by a student within eight months of completing and passing his/her general examination. And also they should have a proposal recognized and approved by that committee. The committee formed should contain three or more members and at least two of the members should be a full-time CEE faculty member or they should be a research teaching staff. The chair person of the committee should act as a thesis reader and they must sign the title page of a completely finished thesis paper.

Ph.D.s and other research doctorates in the U.S. typically entail successful completion of pertinent classes, passing a , and .

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Choosing the right topic for your doctoral thesis is important. However, you will hardly face any difficulties, especially at the end of the course. At this stage, you are supposed to have at least the slightest involvement in the subject. Choosing a topic will hardly be a problem. On the other hand, conducting a detailed research is a difficult task. In some cases, students spend more time to research their topic if compared with time necessary to write a doctoral thesis. You need to indicate some vital pieces of information and data providing evidences, argumentations and solutions. Knowing the right place where to find all that data is the key to success.

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