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The authors use different tones and language styles like ethos, pathos, logos, or just certain connotative language styles to make the audience understand their reason for writing on surrogacy and what they wanted to be known. Ragone"s language in this piece gradually changes from the ethos of the topic to the logos behind the argument, then finally moves into pathos language to wrap up the article. ... As the audience reads the paper, they see the logos side clearly along with the pathos perspective. ... By using ethos, logos, pathos, and connotative language the authors of the thr...

Ethos or the ethical appeal means to convince an audience of the author’s credibility or character

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Harley Davidson and Ducati both utilize pathos, logos and ethos in their print advertisements in an attempt to appeal to a male demographic. ... Ducati utilizes pathos, ethos and logos in an attempt to appeal to a male market. ... They utilize ethos by capitalizing on their brand recognition. ... Much like Ducati, Harley Davidson utilizes pathos, logos and ethos in their print advertisements. ... The company utilizes ethos through their brand recognition. ...

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