Example of an argumentative thesis statement:

 Example Of A Good Thesis Statement For An Argumentative Essay ...

Good Example Of A Thesis Statement

An analytical essay analyzes an issue. As the writer of this type of paper, you are expected to define the topic and then break down and evaluate some aspect of that topic. An analytical thesis statement states the subject to be analyzed and shows how it will be broken down. The Purdue Online Writing Lab gives the following example of an analytical thesis statement: "An analysis of the college admission process reveals one challenge facing counselors: accepting students with high test scores or students with strong extracurricular backgrounds." The thesis shows the topic of the essay (the college admission process) and how the topic will be broken down and evaluated (the problem faced by college admission counselors).

Example Of A Good Thesis Statement For An Argumentative Essay ...

Example Of A Good Thesis Statement For An Argumentative Essay ...

This is an example of a weak thesis statement because it is too generic as well as vague. The reader may understand the stance you have taken, but not the reason behind it. Hence, it is important that you write down the reason behind the statement. To make the thesis statement more specific, you can ask yourself why you think it is bad, which will generate an answer that will help in making your thesis statement more specific. For instance,

Examples Of A Thesis Statement In An Argumentative Essay

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Example of an analytical thesis statement: