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The green marketing has evolved over a period of time. According to Peattie (2001), the evolution of green marketing has three phases. First phase was termed as "Ecological" green marketing, and during this period all marketing activities were concerned to help environment problems and provide remedies for environmental problems. Second phase was "Environmental" green marketing and the focus shifted on clean technology that involved designing of innovative new products, which take care of pollution and waste issues. Third phase was "Sustainable" green marketing. It came into prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000.

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Thus, we can say that there are sufficient opportunities for green marketing in the Dehradun city but it may also face lot of challenges as considerable percentage of population are not aware and also willing to know the affairs of green marketing initiatives. We need to educate them through proper campaigns. Green marketer must find an opportunity to enhance you product's performance and strengthen your customer's loyalty.

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WHY IS GREE MARKETI G CHOSE BY MOST MARKETERS? Most of the companies are venturing into green marketing because of the following reasons: Issues like Global warming and depletion of ozone umbrella are important for the healthy survival. Every person rich or poor would be interested in quality life with full of health and vigour and so would the corporate class. Financial gain and economic profit is the main aim of any corporate business. But harm to environment cost by sustain business across the globe is realized now though off late. This sense is building corporate citizenship in the business class. So green marketing by the business class is still in the selfish anthological perspective of long term sustainable business and to please the consumer and obtain the sanction license by the governing body. Industries in Asian countries are catching the need of green marketing from the developed countries but still there is a wide gap between their understanding and implementation. Green marketing has been widely adopted by the firms worldwide and the following are the possible reasons cited for this wide adoption. There are basically five reasons for which a marketer should go for the adoption of green marketing.

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associated with different aspects of green marketing in the present scenario. It also includes In his PhD Thesis he has carried out a study on the waste ....A 14 page paper. For the last three decades there have been intermittent attempts at marketing campaigns that emphasize the environmental safety of products. Concern for the environment has become a common and popular theme among consumers in many regions of this world. This essay explains green marketing, the principles of green marketing, the past failures of green marketing and the different segments of green consumers. The second part of the essay discusses societal marketing, the principles of societal marketing, the movement towards sustainability and the concept of the triple bottom line, and Kotler's five societal marketing concepts for which companies should be responsible. The writer also comments on the reasons consumers became cynical about marketing campaigns promoting environmentally-safe products. Survey data are included. Bibliography lists 14 sources. article on Green Marketing titled Sustainable Green Marketing The NewImperative published in Marketing Mastermind states that Green Marketing involves developing...T-tests for independent samples were performed to examine the relation between self-perceived environmental beliefs and the attitudes towards green marketing of the respondents. The respondents who had stronger environmental beliefs had more positive attitudes toward green advertising than those who were environmentally apathetic. This supports research done by Matulich, Haytko, and Austin (2005). Page | 41for new market which is green market. Nevertheless, there are some barriers for green marketing and they, green marketers have to face in markets and societies...If you plan to complete a well-analyzed paper, read many literary sources about the topic. Read encyclopedias, articles in the scientific journals by the reputed scholars who have devoted much time to develop this topic and related subtopics. Do not forget to read free examples of research proposals on green marketing in the Internet, because these samples are perfect experience for every young professional, who plans to improve his writing skills and become an expert in future. Keep in mind that you must not copy the content of the example into your paper, but just see the model of successful composition and the American Marketing Association, green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Thus green marketing incorporates...APPROVAL SHEET In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This research paper entitled, ³ATTITUDES TOWARDS GREEN MARKETING AND THEIR EFFECTS ON CONSUMER INTENTIONS AND BEHAVIORS´ has been prepared and submitted CINDY T. VILLAFLOR, DOM ALAFRIZ, JOHN PAUL UNGOS and VINCENT PEDENES, who are hereby recommended for oral examination.