Developing your investment thesis.

But I promise developing your investment thesis is not like that…in fact, it can even be fun!

How to Create Your Three-Minute Investment Thesis

Glenn also mentions a new investment opportunity on which he appears to gaining increasing conviction. We’ll be sure to circle back with Glenn as soon as he has another Overstock or BofA-like investment thesis to share with us. Stay tuned for Glenn’s next high-conviction idea in .

So what exactly is an investment thesis, and how do you go about developing a good one?

Here is my law of investment theses:

The first thing PE firms do when they acquire a business is define what we call an investment thesis—a clear statement of how they will make the business more valuable within about three to five years. The best investment theses are extraordinarily simple; they lay out in a few words the fundamental changes needed to transform a company. The thesis is then used to guide every action the company takes. A good thesis provides a much clearer basis for action than the typical financial target of “last year’s earnings plus x” that most public companies use. (For a discussion of the time frame of PE firms, see the sidebar “The Advantages of Medium-Term Thinking.”)

So how do you formulate a good, sound “smart money” investment thesis?

Not that tipping one's hat to strategy is a cure-all. In our work with companies that are thinking about doing a deal, we often hear that the acquisition is intended for "strategic" reasons. That's simply not good enough. A credible investment thesis should describe a concrete benefit, rather than a vaguely stated strategic value.

Why do you need an investment thesis in the first place?

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