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About the LaTeX thesis templates

Sample LaTeX Thesis Template - Computer Science

I have made a LaTeX thesis template that you can use to write your own thesis with. It comes with a comprehensive help guide (that also uses the template) to get you started quickly. The template also provides a framework for organising and writing your work and a lot of subtle formatting at the finest level of detail that will produce the most beautiful looking thesis.

LaTeX thesis template

LaTeX Thesis Template - Sunil's Garden

There is a lot of documentation available about the LaTeX Thesis Template, including the , and . The files inside the LaTeX Thesis Template are also generously commented so you should be able to quickly get going with your thesis.

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It’s time to start thinking seriously about my thesis format structure and final appearance.
Since December, I’ve decided to use to write the thesis since I fell in love with the beautiful and elegant final product as well as the powerful management system provides.
Even if I’m now able to compile a full document and I need to finish my thesis this year, I know that I want a ready thesis template to use and adapt to my contents.
Most of LaTex Phd thesis templates are heavy math-oriented, that means that are conceived for candidates in ‘hard science’ domains (mathematics, physics, engineer, etc.). Very few works are dedicated to human and social scientists. I am not talking about packages or special coding features attached in the zip files you can grab form the net, I am talking about aesthetics. My final dissertation will be a classical ethnography accounting for a monographic experience of research among an intercultural community. I am looking for a good compromise between rigorous content management and structure, readability and a beautiful appearance.

A latex thesis proposal template is available here.