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, focusing primarily on The Magic Thesis Statement and brainstorming ideas for a concise, convincing thesis. This week I’d like to introduce a concept that will make coming up with that thesis statement even easier: motive.

Notice, though, that the Magic Thesis Statement does NOT make a graceful sentence.

Really nice start on your magic thesis statement

Really nice start on your magic thesis statement! As discussed in class, more research will help you determine whether you want to focus on drug regulation mechanisms (the FDA vs. a European equivalent), and focusing on one country might be helpful and allow you to do a more specific one-to-one comparison between the US and one other place. You might also find that there is a relationship between increased regulation in the U.S. and the increased cost of health care here vs. Europe (one would have to verify that this is in fact true); you might also find that there is a particular kind of rhetoric behind why the FDA takes longer to approve drugs, etc. For your first paper, though, I think it will be important to establish that there is in fact a difference in regulation practices, and explore how it got this way in the first place. You’ve got great questions that will take you through to the end of the semester.

thesis statement focusing primarily on the magic thesis statement and

By looking at the stylistic elements in The Hunger Games, we can see the value of Katniss’ sacrifice, this is important because it shows how sometimes we must sacrifice for what we hold dearest. Thesis fits comfortably in the Magic Thesis Statement

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