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PhD Thesis Defenses; PhD Thesis Defenses

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There are institutions where a PhD thesis defense is open to the public, members of the institution, or no one at all but examiner/supervisor/student.

Phd Thesis Defense Defending your thesis can be an intensely nerve-wracking experience

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In particular, I remember the years of work that went into it. I remember being grilled (with good, constructive intent) by my thesis committee a couple of times a year as I worked on it. I remember the many, many hours spend writing it. And, above all, I remember the hour-long seminar I had to give, followed by a couple of hours defending my thesis. The PhD thesis defense is usually the most stressful thing that PhD candidates go through on the path to earning their degree. Certainly it was for me.

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The main purpose of the PhD Thesis Defense is to have a committee of faculty examine the doctoral candidate on the scope of the thesis and its significance in relation to the major subject.

In the physical and biological sciences, does anyone ever fail their PhD thesis defense?