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The College Catalog states that “Majors from the classes of 2013 through 2015 need a 3.000 overall GPA, 3.500 in the major, an A- or better on either a senior thesis or on the major paper in PH 375 and the recommendation of the department.” A student can therefore qualify for honors in philosophy with the requisite GPA and either an A- or better on the thesis or an A- or better on the research paper in the senior seminar.

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To write a compelling philosophy thesis, the writer should choose a subject he is passionate about; however, if it is not in line with the popular views of the school where the project is being presented, the writer must take careful action to avoid being inflammatory. Approaching controversial philosophical thesis subjects with a neutral comparison examination can help avoid offending readers. Remember, the ultimate goal of a thesis is to support the writer's chosen thesis statement, and not to denigrate the beliefs of others. To this end, it's usually recommended for philosophy papers to use factual case studies sourced from historical events as opposed to unattributed theoretical conversation.

Doctor literature philosophy thesis

Choosing a philosophy thesis subject is often difficult no matter what level of education the thesis paper is intended for. Despite the best intentions of educators, most adults have their own philosophical bias developed through life experiences, meaning that for the best impact, the writer might be better off choosing a thesis statement that reflects the favored philosophy of the educator passing judgment on the paper. It is important not to confuse a general thesis paper for lower levels of education with a research-based dissertation in advanced academics, which requires an exploration of a more unique point of view.

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Thesis Defense
Students are expected to hand in final versions of their thesis at least two weeks before their defense date. The defense usually takes place during the spring semester reading period and finals and must be completed before grades are due. Dates may be negotiated according to the schedules of the committee members.

A student should notify the Philosophy Department staff of the date and time agreed upon with their thesis committee for his/her oral defense so a room can be reserved.

Students who write a thesis receive two grades. You will receive an academic grade ('A,' 'B,' etc.) for the thesis course. This grade is the same for both semesters of the course and will be retroactively filled in for the first one (i.e., Philosophy 93). The thesis itself is also given an honor grade: summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude, or no distinction. If you complete a thesis but do not receive thesis honors, you will still receive full course credit for the work. (See the "" description from the Tufts Bulletin).

Special Project or Independent Study
Students who do not choose to undertake a senior honors thesis but would like to pursue independent research for credit may approach a member for consent in advising or leading an – Philosophy 193 (fall) or Philosophy 194 (spring). As a rule, the philosophy department discourages Independent Studies. Faculty members will be disinclined to supervise an independent study proposed by a student who simply did not get a satisfactory thesis proposal together in a timely manner.

Meeting with Your Committee
You and the chair of your committee will discuss goals and expectations at the beginning of the project. Arrangements vary, but some advisors, for example, wish to meet students on a weekly or biweekly basis, or whenever a student has produced some writing. Students tend to meet with other members of their committees once or twice per term, or on an as-needed basis. In any event, you should keep your readers apprised of your progress and of important dates and meetings.

Thesis Length
The length of a thesis depends to a great degree on its topic. However, in most cases a philosophy thesis will require no more than 50 pages, and often 35 or so will do. Most students will aim to produce some genuinely useful, formal writing by the end of the first semester of the process.

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