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The Sapir Whorf Thesis States That

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It is related to the hypothesis that objective knowledge about reality is not possible, everything is distorted by subjectivity. Sapir and Whorf hypothesized that this subjectivity is influenced by the language of the observer.

Sapir and Whorf Hypothesis

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I will not attempt to untangle the details of the personal standpoints of Sapir and Whorf on the degree of determinism which they felt was involved, although I think that the above extracts give a fair idea of what these were. I should note that Whorf distanced himself from the behaviourist stance that thinking is entirely linguistic (Whorf 1956, p. 66). In its most extreme version 'the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis' can be described as consisting of two associated principles. According to the first, , our thinking is determined by language. According to the second, , people who speak different languages perceive and think about the world quite differently.

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