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For the record, my senior thesis was on the role of women and minorities in the California Gold Rush.

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We cannot emphasize enough the importance of accomplishing as much as you possibly can in Inst 421. Researching and writing the senior thesis takes a great deal of time. You have that time in Inst 421, but you don't have it in Inst 422. The deadline for turning in a full and complete draft of the thesis in Inst 422 is the middle of the semester--not the end of the semester! Please note that you will not be allowed to register for Inst 422 if your mentor deems your performance in Inst 421 unsatisfactory.

Senior Thesis Submissions Due: last day of classes in the student's last semester of study

Regular meeting with your adviser is not optional. It is a required integral part of the course. Only through regular conferences with your adviser will you know if your Senior Thesis is meeting department expectations. Your adviser is your most useful resource in finishing a Senior Thesis.

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Departmental honors in philosophy are awarded to graduating seniors who satisfy the following two criteria: (a) at the start of their final semester, their overall GPA is 3.25 or higher and their GPA in philosophy is 3.5 or higher, and (b) their senior thesis receives an A from the thesis advisor and then is judged by the whole department faculty to be well-researched, well-argued, well-organized, well-written, and to exhibit original philosophical thinking. Theses advisors recommend students for consideration for honors.During registration for the fall, submit a syllabus/contract form for PSYC4490 Senior Thesis I and PSYC4491 Senior Thesis II. You do not need to submit a second contract during registration for the spring, but you will need to contact and request to be registered for the second course.Seniors who are engaged in writing a thesis may enroll in PSYC4490 Senior Thesis I in the fall and/or PSYC4491 Senior Thesis II in the spring. Only one semester may count as an elective to fulfill your psychology major requirement.Students whose theses are judged to be of exceptional merit will receive a letter that their Senior Thesis “approved with distinction.” This is recorded in the Psychology Department but not noted on transcripts. Download the for a thesis approved with distinction. The form is due to the Director of the Undergraduate Program by May 1.
The History Department's "capstone" experience is a Senior Thesis, required of all History majors, and done under the close supervision in a class (History 4990) taught by one of our regular faculty members or Instructors. In the Senior Thesis class, you will prepare a full-length (usually 25-30 pages) essay on a selected topic in History, relying heavily on original or primary sources. You will pick your topic in consultation with your professor, and work on that topic through the course of the semester. Each senior thesis will go through a rough draft and revision process, involving critical peer reviews in class, and rewriting/revision according to feedback given. History 4990 also fulfills the "Capstone" requirement of the UCCS General Education program. Each semester, two or three faculty members lead different Senior Thesis sections. Each section focuses on a particular time period and region (such as U.S. History, East Asian History, Modern European History, and so on), depending on the particular specialty of the faculty member. For a full schedule for all the Senior Thesis sections offered from Fall 2014 through Spring 2017, click here or just scroll to the bottom of this page. You will pick your topic in direct consultation with the individual faculty member leading your Senior Thesis section, and your topic must fit within the parameters of the historical subject of your individual section. Nine hours of upper-division History courses as a UCCS student are a pre-requisite to enrolling in Hist 4990. It is highly recommended that students complete a HIST 4800 series course prior to taking HIST 4990.Writing: Much of historical thought and learning is a dialogue between yourself and the text, you and your fellow students, and between you and the instructor; therefore, each student will work as a writing partner for a fellow student. You will be reading, editing, and commenting on rough drafts of one of your colleagues. You will be responsible for commenting on various aspects of those drafts, including the use of primary sources to make an argument, clarity of the argument, relevance of the argument for its historiographical context, organization of the argument throughout the paper and stylistic as well as grammatical elements. Many professors also make extensive use of the resources of the , and students are encouraged to publish their completed work in the UCCS Undergraduate Research Journal. For some sample of recent excellent senior theses done in the History Department, check the Volume 2 of the 2009 UCCS Undergraduate Research Journal, which published 8 of the theses completed that semester! ().Research: History 4990 Senior Thesis demands extensive use of primary (first-hand) sources on a topic, and the close reading and intensive analysis of those sources, together with the crafting of a logical, coherent historical narrative based on those sources. Faculty members will work with each student individually to help them compile an appropriate bibliography of sources, and to learn how to mine those sources appropriately to support the presentation of an historical argument. The International Relations Program is one of the few majors on campus that requires all seniors to successfully complete a thesis over two semesters in their senior year. You will register for the senior thesis seminar sequence (INTR390-391). These seminars will guide you through the process of proposing, planning, researching, and writing a senior thesis.