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Just how good is this Film School Thesis Statement Generator? I decided to test it. Obviously it’s just randomly assigning various preset theses to whatever film you type in. But no matter what movie I tried to stump it with, its suggestions were spot-on. Like this one for “Crank: High Voltage:”

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Besides moonlighting as a writer, I’m also an English teacher, and when I teach , I always have my students start with a . This helps them generate three main points, which they will later include in the essay’s three body paragraphs.

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If students are stumped when it comes to developing a viable thesis, the Thesis Generator can help them get past that first hurdle. They simply state the topic, their opinion, and some supporting ideas and opposing points, and a thesis will be created for them. This first step in the writing process can sometimes be the most difficult and is so important, because it’s the foundation that the entire essay will be built upon. So, it’s vital that students create the best thesis possible, and they’ll have that extra assistance with Thesis Generator.

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