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The purpose of the journal is to create awareness about the current topics.

The sole motive thesis journal is to fill in a linear fashion

Alternatively, prepare figures at more or less the same size they will appear in the journal and use the magnify function in the graphics package to make working on the figure manageable - but regularly check that at its real size, the figure is readable!

The problem becomes very bothering when the journal adopts two columns templates!

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My second thought is that when the journal gets started, and maybe once a year after that, you develop a big list of potential reviewers by area of expertise, based on past review work, editor suggestions, etc. Again, pay the experts you bring in to advice on this big list, and you’ll probably get a higher quality of participation.

The meaning of the word journal means a book in which you write down your personal experiences and thoughts.

Check the policy statements of the journals and their tables of contents from recent issues to find out the exact scope of the journal and its specialization within the field.

Phd Thesis Journal

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