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The Sheridan Baker Thesis Machine

The Sheridan Baker Thesis Machine*

In his 2010 bestselling book, , Cambridge University economist Ha-Joon Chang made a somewhat provocative argument: the washing machine has changed the world more than the Internet has, he contended. By reducing the time that women traditionally spent on washing clothes, it contributed to a rise in female labour participation rates, to a decline in fertility rates, and transformed societies in the industrialized world, Chang argued.

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Phd Thesis Machine Learning Thesis 2015

One by-product of this project that did survive to the present day is Maple’s library format. Before the port to Oberon, Maple stored every single library procedure in a separate internal-format file, organized into directories. Unfortunately, the Oberon file system wasn’t able to handle that many separate files, so I implemented an archive format. At that time, this was hidden from the Maple executable by the virtual machine (i.e. Maple still thought it was reading individual files), but later the idea was incorporated into Maple itself. Today’s Maple Library Archive () is the much improved descendant of that original implementation.


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Lau said the Cognex's product sales for factory automation applications have exceeded the machine vision industry's growth rate over the past 10 years. She expects increased growth in the mobile computing market, rising machine vision content in consumer electronics assembly lines, 3D products adoption and China automation investments. "Automation investment boost by potential protectionist trade policies--which could drive manufacturers domestically and overseas to invest more heavily in automation to improve efficiency and competitiveness--would also contribute positively to our thesis," Lau wrote in a note to clients. The stock has soared 15% in the month since the election, compared with the a 2.1% gain in the SPDR Technology Select Sector ETF and a 5.1% rise in the S&P 500 .For her project "How To Write Bodoni Lower Case," Lee created an enormous, pedal-operated wooden machine, which resembles an industrial loom in some respects. Totally analog, the machine simply exists to allow Lee to recreate Bodoni consistently. By changing the settings on her machine and pushing the pedal down, she can draw any lower case letter in Bodoni. It takes Lee some 74 steps, 43 presses of the pedal and 30 minutes just to reproduce the letter a. Other letters are simpler. Even so, it requires an incredible amount of patience to write anything on Lee's Bodoni machine.Widewalls: Confession Machine is another of your fascinating art pieces. It seems that today confession lost some of its meaning as it is easily declared on social media. How do you select what will go into your work from social media?

LS: Confession Machine prints online texts that fade away as time passes. The machine prints on a surface painted with a UV sensitive pigment. While passing over the surface, it turns on and off 16 UV LEDs in a carefully timed sequence, temporarily creating dots and dashes on the surface. Those are added into letters, words and sentences. Once a confession is printed, the machine turns and prints a new one on it fading memory.

The confessions were hand-picked from social networks. The general guidance was that all texts were personal, written in first form, were revealing, and most likely took some emotional effort to express. The contents and seriousness of the confessions were opened and varied from deep to shallow. This collection of intimate and revealing texts observed the lightness of confessions via online channels today on one side, and the human wish to be heard on the other.

Widewalls: Constant appearing of new data before the old one is processed and overflow of information seem to be recurring motifs in your practice, from Confession Machine, Attending Machine to People You May Know, to mention a few. Can you tell us more about the theoretical and conceptual interest behind the use of such motifs?

LS: The passing time is one of humans’ biggest existential fears. Yet we are becoming a society with very little present. Looking at our digital present, this takes a further extremity. Our digital present is composed of a past that is logged and saved on databases (or otherwise forgotten). Inputs are contributed by our digital friends and other information suppliers and curated by algorithms that choose what we get exposed to. This is spiced with a growing amount of FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) regarding future events or events that happen now, just without us. We are so flooded with streams of information, that we many times cannot even see the one ephemeral detail that is just in front of us. We wish to be heard, but we cannot really give attention to the vast amount of voices heard in the background.

Widewalls: Would you agree that machines in your work instead of having an alienating character, invite viewers to reflect more deeply on their contemporary condition? Machines in a way create a more intimate relation between the observers and their inner selves?

LS: I sure hope so. As a creator I am not an outsider to the processes I deal with. While I wish to look at situations critically, I’m usually part of those exact same processes. At the end of the day the machines I make are reflections of my own states of mind.