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Much of the rationale supporting gun control laws centers on the lethal nature of the gun. Simply put, a gun kills; while people may be endangered by other weapons such as knives, the instant and almost effortless act of gunning somebody down makes the gun morally and socially dangerous. As a result, supporters of strict gun control regulations cite crime and violence statistics in order to build their case. A data compilation performed by Agresti and Smith (2010) cited that of a 2009 population of 307 million in the United States, gun ownership among civilians reached 300 million firearms in 2010, 100 million of which were handguns. Liberals have equated the high level of gun ownership in the country to the reciprocally high level of crime. For the year 2008, over 16,272 murders were committed, with 67% or 10,886 of these cases committed with the use of a firearm. Moreover, survey data from the U.S. Justice Department estimates that out of over 5,340,000 violent crimes committed in the United States during 2008, 8 percent or 436,000 of these cases were committed by persons visibly armed (Agresti & Smith, 2010).

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Keep in mind that there will be very, very few sources (including the ones I used above) that are totally objective. Most writers—and most websites—will be catering to an audience. For a fuller list of issues on both sides of the debate, check out these on gun control.

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