Some nouns have the same form in the singular and the plural.

A singular noun ending in a consonant and then y makes the plural by dropping the y and adding-ies.

You are referring to the possessive, not the plural.

Part 2 of this series was an attempt to explain how Russia progressively asserted itself on the international stage. As for the present part, it will deal with the long downfall of tsarism during the nineteenth century which eventually resulted in the Russian Revolutions. We may use the plural here, because of the 1905 and February Revolutions, little known compared to the October one but they have been instrumental nevertheless, as it will hopefully be shown in the next part of this series.

In English, the plural of "thesis" is "theses". What is the plural of "tesis" in Spanish?

This may be how you feel reading about the plural of emoji.

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Every spring, when the crocuses pop up, a question pops up: How do you form the plural of

Specifically, Theodore Scaltas discusses the Platonic take on the question, arguing that in the Platonic view, pluralities are objects that partake in a Form. A property like "two" jointly qualifies the objects but does not relate them, just as "beauty" qualifies many objects at once. There is nothing peculiar to pluralities. Only those plurals that are relational seem to escape this view. Two individuals partake in the Form 'father of', but only one of them is legitimately described as 'father'. The treatment of these relational nouns is left to future research. Oystein Linnebo pursues the goal of saving Law V, according to which two open formulas φ(u) and ψ(u) define the same extension just in case they are true of the same objects, without incurring Russell's paradox, which arises from shifting individuals to sets of which these individuals are members. Linnebo's solution rests on the intriguing notion of possible sets. Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley discuss in depth a variety of arguments against singularism and challenge predicative analyses (James Higginbotham and Barry Schein 1989) with a variety of objections, which include the notorious problem of multiplication of predicates for singular and plurals. By shifting the plural predicate to a predicate of a different order than the corresponding singular, predicates are necessarily doubled since no predicate can be of different orders simultaneously. Peter Simons develops a logic for multitudes with ontological innocence, by relying on the notion of difference. Like the previous authors, Francesca Boccuni, Massimiliano Carrara, and Enrico Martino claim ontological innocence for plurals, and defend a principle with universal applicability and cognitive primacy according to which there is no entity above those that form a plurality. Echoing the solution in Linnebo's paper, they also exploit a modal account by introducing arbitrary reference and free choiceness. The enterprise undertaken by these authors is a coherent one, and the notion of plurality as unity is shown to be unnecessary, misleading and disposable.

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