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Yuka Kitajima ‘17 analyzed several museums in both Germany and Japan to examine and compare how they have narrated their WWII experiences and involvement as both perpetrators and victims. She first began to conceptualize the project in her sophomore Honors Scholar seminar class that focused on the Holocaust and its aftermath.

Location: You may conduct the project from Denmark or join  in their Berlin office.

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A significant undertaking appropriate to the fine and applied arts or to professional fields. It evidences originality and independent thinking, appropriate form and organization, and rationale. It is described and summarized in a written abstract that includes the project’s significance, objectives, methodology, and a conclusion or recommendation.

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Title: Fabrication and mechanical testing of composite angles
Supervisor: Prof. Larry Lessard
The term(s) to begin: Fall 2015 or Winter 2016
Brief description: The project involves fabrication of L-angles using
composite materials as per a fabrication plan and carrying out a basic
mechanical test on them. The materials for the L-angles/ brackets would be
hybrid fiber architectures of carbon/PEEK. Hybrid fiber architecture refers
to a combination of randomly oriented strands (ROS) or short fibers and
unidirectional tapes (UD) in specific proportions. Compression molding
technology will be used for fabrication. 4-point bending test will be
performed on the L-angles/brackets. Stiffness and strength comparisons of the
various configurations will be made. The candidate might have to obtain
micrographs by polishing the cross-sections of the coupons as required. This
project will be a part of a bigger project for Bell Helicopter Textron
Canada, and the candidate might be expected to sign a non-disclosure
agreement with the company, so as to restrict the disclosure of company’s
confidential data.
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