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Gap -- what's missing in the literature (the motivationfor the review);

Topic -- a general statement of what the Review is about;

Crucial in this step is the anonymity of the reviewers and the ability of the associate editor to make the best choice of reviewers to evaluate the paper honestly, objectively, and critically. For that ensures the needed criticality of any published science. Some journals allow authors to suggest the names of reviewers as a favor, but that’s something I don’t like, for authors invariably will suggest people who will be friendly to the paper: people they know who will look kindly on the results and are usually colleagues or friends of the authors. When I was an associate editor for two journals (Evolution and The American Naturalist), I would routinely ignore the authors’ suggestions for reviewers, knowing that those reviews were less likely to be objective.

you decide to sit down and actually write the literature reviewbring out your

Hello Nick-
i’m a novice to blog and website building; researching it primarily to create a video/illustration archive/portfolio; perhaps an occasional foray into actual blogging. (my primary goal is make different aspects of my work as easily/quickly viewable/sortable, and i’m guessing that a blog structure would allow that via tags.) would you recommend Thesis for this? i read in the above review/comments that at first this may have been a Thesis weakness, but perhaps there have been improvements in this regard. i see there are video/multimedia themes out there; not sure which are the most robust/supported.
thanks in advance for your input!

Gap -- what's missing in the literature (the motivationfor the review);

The phrase "thesis review" can signify two distinct actions, and students who must perform thesis reviews should carefully determine which action is necessary.The introduction to a dissertation or thesis serves a few functions. First, it introduces the reader to the general topic at hand, as well as the approach which will be taken to investigate said topic. Second, it piques the reader's interest so that s/he wants to continue reading the text. Third, it gives the reader sufficient background information so that the topic and approach make sense, but not so much that it resembles the literature review. Finally, the introduction lays out the rest of the dissertation or thesis so the reader is left with a structure for what s/he will read. Accomplishing all of these tasks in a relatively short chapter - and doing so in a lively style, with relevant content - is difficult. Let GraduateWriter know if you need help kicking off your dissertation or thesis.First, a thesis review can be one's examination of his or her own thesis before progressing to the thesis defense. Students who are making such thesis reviews should read the text several times in order to gain an impeccable familiarity with it, and they should also reread the most important research sources, particularly the prominent, well-respected ones with which their theses disagreed. They may also ask their major professors to flag the weak areas in the text so that they may mentally reiterate their arguments; the experts on the thesis defense panel will probably question those weak areas, and one can buttress the weak areas his or her arguments simply by remembering to think through them a second time.In order to write the reviews of others' work, students should read the thesis carefully and make note of all strengths and weaknesses, which include inaccurate research or flaws in logic. If several years have passed between the thesis's writing and its review, the student may note that new research renders the thesis's conclusion irrelevant or, on the other hand, confirms the conclusion.Second, a thesis review can be one's act of analyzing and critique someone else's thesis, an act very similar to a . Major professors and thesis defense panels perform this act with every thesis they encounter, although they may do it mentally rather than in written form; however, students who have found archived theses on similar subjects to their own may find it useful to write some thesis reviews of those works, whether or not they formally submit them as part of the thesis project. The practice of analyzing and critiquing someone else's work on the chosen subject can dramatically improve one's own thinking and clarify one's own arguments. Therefore, students whose major professors require thesis reviews of archived materials may find it to be a highly beneficial exercise rather than a superfluous task.Although it is generally short, the methodology chapter of the dissertation or thesis is the key to understanding the entire study. The reader must be able to see and understand the research design: its structure, its details, and its justifications. While the literature review chapter lays the foundation for the study, the methodology chapter explains the study itself. Its location after the literature review ensures that the reader has a context in which to place the design. Key to this chapter are succinct prose, on-point language, and a clear, active voice. Do not be deceived by the relative shortness of this chapter, and get help from GraduateWriter if you are struggling to communicate the gist of your research design.The literature review is generally the longest chapter in a dissertation or thesis. Every study needs to establish its foundation, and this is where that is done, even if the foundation for the research is the fact that little other research into the particular area has been done. Once the foundation is established, the literature review also helps to identify the gaps in the literature which the student is hoping to close by conducting the study. Completing a literature review in itself can be exhausting. The process involves wading through sometimes thousands of articles in order to choose the best fifty to one hundred for the current study. Then each article must first be read, understood, and summarized so that second, it can be combined with others to really synthesize the material. The flow of the review should be such that it is not a laundry list of articles but rather a coherent stream of information leading in a particular direction; namely, that of the heart of the dissertation. Be sure you are on point with this critical chapter of your dissertation or thesis, and get professional help if you need it.Second, you can write the review solely for the purpose ofusing it to form the introduction to your thesis. Thedifference in the two approaches is how comprehensive the review needsto be. If planning for publication, your review will needmore sources and more thorough coverage; if it is used just for thethesis or for the lab, it can be more specific, more tailored, and lessnarratively satisfying.