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The Thesis Proposal, Agreement, & Timeline, signed and approved by your mentor, should be submitted to the UHC via webform. This template offers a guide of what should be included. TITLE A short, descriptive title of your proposed thesis project no need to be clever. YOUR NAME INTRODUCTION A brief introductory statement of intent that explains your project and its goals to a general, educated reader (imagine your audience being other UHC students). This should be a general description of your thesis providing the contextualization necessary to explain why this topic is important and its larger implications for your discipline. THESIS STATEMENT /HYPOTHESIS A one-sentence statement of your thesis that sets the parameters of your project. This statement can take many different forms, depending on the discipline of your project: it might be a hypothesis, a research question, or goal statement. In all forms, the thesis statement should define a boundary for your thesis that clearly and simply states your overarching goal. APPROACH/METHODOLOGY How do you plan to complete your project? In this section, describe the approach you will take in completing your thesis research and analysis. What methods and materials will you use? How or where will you collect and analyze data? If you are producing a creative work, what themes and genres will it explore and what will your work process be? You might also note here any anticipated difficulties or pitfalls you expect to encounter and how you plan to address these. The content of this section will vary depending on the field of your thesis, so please consult your mentor. APPROACH SUBSECTION (REQUIRED FOR ALL THESES): Does your thesis project involve any research activity that requires compliance procedures (e.g., human subject research requiring Institutional Review Board approval)? If you are unsure, ask your mentor or consult the OSU Office of Research Integrity. EXPECTED RESULTS/ANTICIPATED OUTCOME AND SIGNIFICANCE Explain here what you expect to produce or learn through your project and what you anticipate your thesis will contribute to your scholarly field. It is also helpful here to set your project goals in a large context of significance. SIGNATURE LINE Mentor s Name (typed), (Department) By signing, the mentor gives his/her assurance that he/she has read the proposal, sees it as a legitimate UHC research project, and is willing to serve as your thesis advisor for the proposed project.

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Do 24 hours in a day seem less to you because you are working on the most important paper of your life? Well, thesis papers seem to have that effect on most people. Thesis statement defines the key argument in your paper.

essay thesis statement definition