Figure 2. The structure of this master's thesis.

Quick overview of my temporary and yet to the end a little rough thesis structure:

Figure 1.1: The structure of the thesis, in outline.

In brief, the thesis should have a unified structure (Easterby-Smithet al. 1991). Firstly, chapter 1 introduces the core research problem andthen `sets the scene' and outlines the path which the examiner will traveltowards the thesis' conclusion. The research itself is described in chapters2 to 5:This five chapter structure can be justified. Firstly, the structure isa unified and focussed one, and so addresses the major fault of postgraduatetheses in a survey of 139 examiners' reports, that is, it clearly addressesthose examiners' difficulty in discerning what was the `thesis' of thethesis? `Supervisors need to emphasise throughout students' candidaciesthat they are striving in the thesis to communicate one big idea' (Nightingale1984, p. 174), and that one big idea is the research problem stated onpage 1 or 2 of the thesis and explicitly solved in chapter 5. Easterby-Smithet al. (1991) also emphasise the importance of consistency in a PhD thesis,and Phillips and Pugh (1987, p. 38) confirm that a thesis must have a thesisor a `position'. Secondly, the structure carefully addresses each of the31 requirements of an Australian PhD thesis outlined by an authority ina publication of the Higher Education Research and Development Societyof Australia (Moses 1985, pp. 32-34). Thirdly, the structure is explicitlyor implicitly followed by many writers of articles in prestigious academicjournals such as The Academy of Management Journal and Strategic ManagementJournal (for example, Datta et al. 1992). Fourthly, the structure has beenthe basis of several PhD and masters theses at Australian universitiesthat were completed in minimum time and passed by examiners with none ornegligible revisions required. Fifthly, the structure is much like thatwhich will be used by candidates later in their career, to apply for researchgrants (Krathwohl 1977; Poole 1993). Finally, by reducing time wasted onunnecessary tasks or on trying to demystify the PhD process, the five chapterstructure provides a mechanism to shorten the time taken to complete aPhD, an aim becoming desired in many countries (Cude 1989).

A solid structure for a dissertation conclusion should look like the following structure:

Improving the structure and content

The following infographic shows how to form the perfect dissertation structure. It also provides the main parts of the dissertation structure you should include in it. First, it comes the abstract and then the introduction. After that include the literature review and the theory part. Never miss to include the methodology and the findings parts. Consequently, after the results come the discussion and the conclusion. You must include the bibliography.

Here are illustrations of thesis structures in four different discipline areas:

The structure will of course vary from discipline to discipline; one correspondent from medical science, for example, differentiates more than I have done between the methodological considerations—as theoretical isues to be taken into account in the research design—and the actual practical methods and materials used, as she says, "the recipeof the research", so that it can be replicated easily elsewhere. These need to be set out in a clear and distinct section at the end of the chapter.

It is a good idea to start thinking about the structure of your work as early as possible in your candidature.

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There are certain conventions specific to certain disciplines. However, these structures are not imposed on a piece of work. There are logical reasons why there is a conventional way of structuring the thesis, which is after all the account of what you've achieved through your research. Research is of course not conducted in the step-by-step way this structure suggests, but it gives the reader the most accessible way of seeing why this research was done, how it was done and, most importantly, what has been achieved. If you put side by side all the questions you had to answer to finish your research and what is often proposed as a typical structure of a thesis, then you see the logic of the arrangement. That does not mean, however, that you have to name your chapters in this way. In some disciplines, it very often is like this; in others, this structure is implied. For example, in many science theses, the following basically is the structure; in many humanities theses, the final structure looks very different, although all of these questions are answered one way or another.

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